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Bio's of the Directors

John F. Pitrelli

John is an attorney licensed in Virginia and Florida. He graduated from CCNY in 1970 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. John graduated from Washington College of Law at American University in 1974. Although John started his career as a patent attorney he went on to focus on real estate, entity formation and estate planning. John has been a member of the Virginia Bar Association since 1975 and the Florida Bar Association since 1981. 

Inspired by Florence Wrobel in 2015 John helped form The Wrobel Family Foundation to help Florence realize her dream. Unfortunately Florence passed a way too soon to see and enjoy the impact of her philanthropy.   

Carolyn Pinchevsky

Carolyn is based in Boca Raton Florida and maintains an accounting practice. She has been heavily involved as a caretaker and adviser to many of her elderly clients, including Ted and Marge Wrobel. Prior to her career in accounting, Carolyn worked in the non-profit sector for over ten years. Carolyn was a good friend to the Wrobels and was chosen by Florence Wrobel to be one of the initial directors of the Foundation. After Florence passed away in March of 2016, Carolyn took over as the primary supervisor overseeing Ted's care until he passed away in April of 2017.

Todd Pinchevsky
Vice President

The Wrobel Family Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of Todd Pinchevsky as a fourth member of its Board of Directors. Todd is a prominent 

Accountant with a private practice based in South Florida. Todd earned a Bachelors degree from Florida Atlantic University and has a Masters in Taxation from Florida International University. Todd became a CPA in 1992 and entered into private practice shortly thereafter. In his practice Todd represents many high net-worth clients which included the Wrobel Family.

Todd was a trusted advisor to Ted and Marge Wrobel for over twenty years. He was also well respected by Florence Wrobel which makes him a natural and perfect choice to serve on the Board of Directors of the Wrobel Family Foundation.

Lena Pitrelli

Lena is a trained paralegal. She gave up her career to raise five children including a child with special needs. In recent years Lena enjoys a second career in land development and real estate matters. As a friend of Florence Wrobel, Lena welcomed the opportunity to get involved in the Wrobel Family Foundation and fill Florence's place on the Board once Florence passed away in 2016. Lena divides her time between Northern Virginia and Hollywood Florida. In addition to her duties as a director of the Foundation, Lena enjoys cooking, golf and helping with her grandchildren.  

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